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All things are possible through Christ

Left out

on January 12, 2015

Have you ever been in a conversation and other people were talking about a topic or subject that you desperately wish you could contribute to? I used to feel that way all the time, when people would talk about their children and I was struggling with infertility. It got to a point where I couldn’t go to baby showers or other events where there may be an infant. Now this was no easy task, because my family was expanding. I had a couple of nieces and nephews born during this time and  a couple of close friends also had children.

Another place, I felt left out of was church. All around me were babies and children or pregnant women. I was constantly being asked, when we were going to start a family and that question was so painful. Our struggle with infertility leaked out into the church and I was so embarrassed. In some ways, it was good. I had a lot of prayer and support from our church members and it made things a bit easier. At least they understood why I would flee from the sanctuary during the baby dedications or skip Mother’s Day service.

The question I hated the most was “Do you have children?. Um I never understood why women felt the need to ask other women that question. Even before my introduction into the infertility world, I would never ask a woman that question. Just talk to a woman long enough, if she has children it will come up.  It’s much safer and less hurtful that way. You never know the struggles of the person your speaking with.

Now I have a new reason to feel left out. More on that in the second post.


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